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The Zenit 122 is a vintage 35mm SLR camera produced by the Russian company KMZ (Krasnogorsk Mechanical Works) from 1990 to 1997. It is part of the long line of Zenit cameras, which were popular in the Soviet Union and later in Russia. Here are some key features of the Zenit 122:

1. **Lens Mount**: M42 screw mount, allowing compatibility with a wide range of lenses.
2. **Shutter Speeds**: Mechanical shutter with speeds ranging from 1/30 to 1/500 seconds, plus a Bulb (B) mode for long exposures.
3. **Light Meter**: Built-in TTL (through-the-lens) light meter, which is powered by a PX625 battery. The meter helps in determining the correct exposure settings.
4. **Viewfinder**: Optical viewfinder with a central microprism for easier focusing.
5. **Build**: Robust and relatively heavy body, typical of many Soviet-era cameras, with a primarily metal construction.
6. **Film Advance**: Manual film advance and rewind.
7. **Flash**: Hot shoe for attaching an external flash.

The Zenit 122 is appreciated by collectors and photography enthusiasts for its vintage charm and the unique character it brings to film photography. If you’re considering using one, make sure to check for the availability of batteries for the light meter and ensure the camera is in good working condition, as many of these units have been out of production for decades.

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