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Yashica MG-1 Range 35mm Vintage Camera

Yashica mg-1 Range finder 35mm Film Camera Working


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Yashica mg-1 Range finder 35mm Film Camera Working

The Yashica MG-1 is a vintage 35mm rangefinder camera produced by the Japanese company Yashica in the 1970s. It is known for its high-quality lens and relatively compact design. Here are some key features of the Yashica MG-1:

  1. Lens: The MG-1 is equipped with a fixed Yashinon 45mm f/2.8 lens, which is known for its sharpness and image quality. This lens is capable of producing detailed and contrasty images.
  2. Rangefinder: As a rangefinder camera, the Yashica MG-1 uses a separate viewfinder window for framing the image and a rangefinder window for focusing. When the images in both windows align, the subject is in focus.
  3. Automatic Exposure: The MG-1 features aperture-priority automatic exposure control. This means that the user selects the desired aperture, and the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to obtain the correct exposure.
  4. Light Meter: The camera has a built-in light meter to measure the light in the scene and help determine the appropriate exposure settings.
  5. Battery: The Yashica MG-1 requires a battery to power its light meter and automatic exposure system. It typically uses a mercury battery, which may need to be substituted with a modern equivalent due to environmental concerns.

The Yashica MG-1 is prized by collectors and photographers alike for its solid build quality, excellent lens, and ease of use. It remains a popular choice for enthusiasts interested in vintage film photography.

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