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The Geva Box Vintage Camera produced by Gevaert, a Belgian company that later merged with Agfa. Box cameras were popular in the early to mid-20th century for their simplicity, durability, and affordability, making them accessible to a wide range of amateur photographers.

### Key Features
1. **Simple Design**: Basic box camera design with a straightforward operation, typically featuring a fixed-focus lens and a simple shutter mechanism.
2. **Medium Format Film**: Uses 120 roll film, producing large negatives (usually 6×9 cm) which contribute to good image quality despite the camera’s simplicity.
3. **Fixed Focus**: Designed for a wide depth of field, allowing photographers to capture sharp images without adjusting the focus.
4. **Shutter**: Single-speed shutter, often around 1/30th of a second, with some models featuring a bulb (B) mode for long exposures.
5. **Viewfinders**: Twin viewfinders (one for portrait and one for landscape orientation), typically simple optical devices.
6. **Construction**: Made from metal or Bakelite, known for being sturdy and long-lasting.

### Specifications
– **Lens**: Fixed-focus meniscus lens, typically around f/11
– **Film Type**: 120 medium format film
– **Negative Size**: Usually 6×9 cm
– **Shutter Speed**: Single speed (approx. 1/30s) and bulb mode (if available)
– **Viewfinders**: Two optical viewfinders (one for each orientation)
– **Body Material**: Metal or Bakelite

### Usage Tips
1. **Loading Film**: Open the back of the camera and insert a 120 roll film. Thread the film onto the take-up spool, advance it a bit, and ensure it is properly aligned before closing the camera.
2. **Fixed Focus**: Since the camera has a fixed-focus lens, it is designed to provide a sharp image from a certain distance (usually from a few meters to infinity). For best results, avoid subjects that are too close.
3. **Lighting Conditions**: The fixed aperture and shutter speed mean the camera works best in bright daylight. For lower light situations, consider using a tripod and the bulb mode (if available) for longer exposures.
4. **Composition**: Use the twin viewfinders to compose your shots. These provide a rough framing of the scene, so it’s good to leave some space around your subject to ensure it is well-captured.
5. **Bulb Mode**: If your Geva Box model has a bulb mode, use it for long exposures by holding the shutter open as long as needed. A tripod or stable surface is recommended to avoid camera shake.
6. **Maintenance**: Keep the lens and viewfinders clean for clear images. Handle the camera gently to maintain its condition, as vintage materials can be delicate.

### Historical Context and Collectibility
– **Historical Context**: Box cameras like the Geva Box were crucial in making photography accessible to the general public. They were marketed as simple and affordable cameras for families and amateur photographers.
– **Collectibility**: The Geva Box, being a piece of photographic history, is of interest to collectors and vintage camera enthusiasts. Its value is enhanced by its condition, completeness, and any unique features it may have.

The Geva Box is a testament to the era of box cameras, offering a straightforward and nostalgic approach to photography. It’s a great way to experience the roots of amateur photography with a vintage charm.

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